Wisdom Teeth Removal

Wisdom Teeth Removal Los Angeles

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, typically appear between adolescence and early adulthood, located at the back of the mouth on both sides. These teeth can struggle to surface properly due to inadequate space, making them hard to maintain and often leading to necessary extraction to preserve one’s dental health.

Wisdom teeth might be misaligned, stuck beneath the gum line or bone, or fail to emerge correctly, causing various dental problems. At Los Angeles Dentist Specialists for Wisdom Teeth, our certified experts frequently carry out extractions of wisdom teeth for patients in Los Angeles, CA, to enhance their dental health and avert further oral issues.

If you or someone in your family is experiencing difficulties with wisdom teeth, whether they are impacted or problematic, consider making an appointment with Dr. Nik or Dr. B to discuss the possibility of having them removed.

Best Candidates

Typically, wisdom teeth start to emerge between the ages of 17 and 21, and it’s during this period that it’s recommended to extract them if needed. Although not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth taken out, keeping troublesome ones can lead to adverse outcomes for neighboring teeth, the individual’s comfort, and their dental well-being overall.

General dentists frequently send their patients to the specialists at Los Angeles Dentist Specialists for Wisdom Teeth for the removal of wisdom teeth that are causing issues.

  • Full or partial tooth impaction
  • Inadequate space for proper eruption
  • Tooth decay or gum disease
  • Periodontal inflammation (pericoronitis)
  • Tightly spaced teeth or overcrowding
  • Malpositioning (tilted or rotated)
  • Abscesses, cysts, or tumors

What to Expect

Our oral surgeons in Los Angeles, CA, carry out the removal of wisdom teeth using local anesthetic. To ensure patients are comfortable, we might also combine this with sedative methods. Wisdom tooth extractions often involve surgery, especially if the teeth are not fully erupted, have irregular root shapes, or are firmly embedded in the jawbone.

Once our experienced surgeons make an incision in the gum to reach the wisdom tooth, they will carefully extract it. This may involve cutting the tooth into pieces for a smoother removal and to protect the nearby mouth structures. In certain situations, it’s possible to remove all four wisdom teeth in one appointment. Stitches might be used to help the areas heal after the procedure. Our medical staff will give you guidelines to aid in recovery for the days following the treatment.

Wisdom Tooth Extractions Reviews

I recently got a tooth pulled by a newcomer to the clinic, Dr. Weider, and my experience was outstanding. Upon entering the room, he immediately attempted to relax me by making me laugh. Throughout the procedure, he was incredibly careful and tolerant, especially since I required more lidocaine than usual due to my delayed reaction time to the anesthetic. Also, for those interested, he’s quite the handsome man, akin to George Clooney, but in the realm of dental surgery. Overall, the appointment went exceptionally well, and I’m truly happy I went to him.


Outstanding service. Dr. Nik pays great attention to detail and prioritizes the patient’s well-being. He skillfully extracted a challenging wisdom tooth. Additionally, the team is extremely welcoming and supportive!

J.C.  Facebook 

Outstanding care. Dr. B pays meticulous attention to detail and prioritizes the patient’s well-being. He expertly extracted a challenging wisdom tooth with excellent results. In addition, the team is exceptionally welcoming and supportive!

Anonymous Facebook 

My experience seeking advice at this establishment was favorable. The front desk staff was extremely welcoming and effective. They explained the various choices for my tooth removal and what would take place both during and post-procedure. All of my inquiries and worries were addressed in a skilled manner. I was totally content with my appointment and would certainly suggest this Oral Surgery practice to others.

E.J.  Google 

I had the most outstanding experience I’ve ever had with any dental treatments. I require another tooth removal after a check-up with my dentist, but I no longer feel any anxiety about it. Should my children ever require tooth removals, I intend to bring them here. I am immensely grateful!

R.W.  Google 


Individuals who need extra sedation methods to stay relaxed during their appointment will need to arrange a ride home with an adult relative or companion. In the first several days after having their wisdom teeth taken out, it’s critical to refrain from spitting, using a straw to drink, eating or drinking very hot or cold foods and beverages, as well as stopping all tobacco use, including smoking and vaping.

These actions can disrupt the blood clot that forms at the site of the tooth removal, potentially causing a painful condition called “dry socket.” It’s common to experience swelling and discomfort in the face following the procedure, but prescription or non-prescription pain relievers and applying cold packs to the area can alleviate these symptoms.

Our staff will set up a subsequent appointment at our oral surgery office in Los Angeles, CA, to check on the healing progress of the treated sites.

Other Types of Extractions

In certain situations, it becomes necessary to remove teeth, apart from wisdom teeth, to improve oral health. These situations typically include extreme tooth decay, fractured teeth, significant loss of jawbone, or teeth that are beyond repair

 Sometimes, children need to have teeth pulled to get rid of lingering baby teeth or to make room for orthodontic work. Although our dental specialists work hard to preserve natural teeth, extracting them may sometimes be the most effective method to address particular dental issues.

Insurance Coverage

Several dental insurance policies provide partial coverage for the removal of wisdom teeth, but it’s important to note that costs related to IV sedation or anesthesia might not be covered. Before calculating any extra costs you might have to pay, our financial staff will thoroughly examine the details of your insurance coverage.

Los Angeles Dentist Specialists for Wisdom Teeth strives to make the tooth extraction process as easy as we can for our clients by accepting various payment methods and offering CareCredit® financing options.

Specialized Wisdom Tooth Removal

The team at Los Angeles Dentist Specialists for Wisdom Teeth is pleased to offer wisdom tooth removal services to maintain the oral wellbeing of individuals in and around Los Angeles, CA.

Removing wisdom teeth is a common practice, particularly among teenagers and adults, and becomes necessary when issues such as the teeth being impacted or wrongly positioned affect a person’s dental health. For further information on wisdom tooth extraction or to arrange an appointment for a procedure consultation, reach out to our center for oral surgery immediately.